IT Equipment Testing and Repair provides professional Testing and Repair Services for a variety of vendor product lines including Cisco Systems and Juniper products. If you have Cisco or other OEM network hardware which is not covered by Cisco’s SMARTnet® maintenance service, and the cost of purchasing new or Cisco replacement hardware is prohibitive, can often provide cost-effective, expert testing and repair of your Cisco networking equipment. If you have Cisco equipment you need tested and/or repaired, contact us today for an immediate estimate.’s repair department services enterprise clients around the world, leveraging a highly skilled technical team and quality assurance program. Network hardware products that we can provide testing and repair services for include:

* Cisco Routers – We can repair many hardware and software issues found on Cisco routers, including compact flash issues, ethernet port malfunctions and other hardware defects.
* Cisco Switches – repair specialists can fix dead ethernet ports on Cisco switches, failed Power Over Ethernet controllers and other hardware/software issues.
* Cisco IP Phones – We can fix most common issues with Cisco phones, including defective hookswitches, stuck keys, defective LCD displays and more.
* Cisco Firewalls – We can fix many common hardware issues found with Cisco Firewalls.
* Aironet Wireless – We can repair issues with Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points and Wireless Controllers.

Our Cisco Testing and Repair department helps companies leverage their non-working and excess equipment in order to develop a viable budget to replace broken equipment, scale existing networks, and overall company growth. If you have Cisco repair and testing needs, please CONTACT US today! CISCO REPAIR Product Opportunity

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