End of Life Cisco Switches Still Have Some Life Left

End of Life Cisco Switches

Part of the normal “lifecycle” of Cisco products, product lines eventually reach a point of “planned obsolescence”, at which point the OEM vendor no longer sells the product line, and will eventually discontinue support. Cisco is constantly updating their products and releasing new, innovative features that mostly impact organizations that are on the bleeding edge […]

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5 Best Cisco Blogs

If you work with Cisco products every day, or are involved in the IT field, Cisco related blogs can be a great resource for increasing your technical knowledge of Cisco products or just staying current with what’s going on in the industry. Here are a few of our favorite Cisco related blogs. IOS hints – […]

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Cisco Password Recovery / Reset for Cisco Routers


If you have a Cisco router that you forgot the administrative password for (or a router which has a pre-existing, unknown admin password), recovering or resetting the administrative password can be tricky and confusing. Cisco password recovery or password reset methods on a Cisco router will vary depending upon the Cisco router series and model. […]

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Cisco Password Reset / Recovery for Cisco Switches

If you have a Cisco Catalyst switch that you cannot obtain administrative access to, recovering or resetting the administrative password can be challenging for the uninitiated. Cisco password recovery or password reset on a Cisco Catalyst switch can be confusing, and the method for recovering the password will vary depending upon the Cisco Catalyst series […]

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MLB Network and Cisco Announce Multiyear Technology Relationship


Cisco today announced a new, multi-year contract with MLB Baseball. SAN JOSE, Calif., March 31, 2011 –MLB Network and Cisco today announced a multiyear relationship that features Cisco technology solutions in key video-dependent areas for MLB Network’s television programming and live telecasts from ballparks around Major League Baseball. As part of the deal, Cisco will […]

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Cisco Distributor Comstor to Sell Refurbished Hardware

Cisco channel distributor Comstor is reportedly launching a new program to market refurbished Cisco networking products, as recently reported by channel blog Microscope.co.uk. Cisco distie Comstor has launched a new programme designed to grab a chunk of the risky, yet potentially lucrative, market for remanufactured or refurbished network infrastructure kit. Acknowledging that often, the used […]

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