Questions to Ask When Buying Used Cisco Equipment

Questions to Ask when buying Used Cisco Equipment

Questions to Ask When Buying Used Cisco Equipment

Questions to Ask When Buying Used Cisco Equipment

Questions to Ask When Buying Used Cisco Equipment

Before you decide to purchase used Cisco equipment from any vendor, you have to make sure you ask the vendor these important questions first.

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Are you considering buying Cisco equipment?

If so, you have several options. You can buy the equipment directly from Cisco, from an authorized Cisco dealer, or from a used Cisco hardware vendor.

If you have a tight budget, you’ll probably go for the last option to keep pace with the latest technologies without investing a lot of money.

But before you visit a vendor and make purchases, it’s important to understand that refurbished Cisco products are not created equal. Some of them are of high-quality, while others are untested and potentially counterfeit.

To make the right choice when buying used Cisco equipment, you need to ask the following tough questions.

1. What’s the Origin of the Refurbished Cisco Equipment?

The origin should be the first thing you ask about when buying used Cisco hardware. Make sure the equipment is from a trusted source before you seal the deal.

If the vendor is not willing to tell you where the hardware came from, walk away; the equipment could potentially be counterfeit or stolen and could create problems for your organization.

2. Does the Dealer Have a Thorough Testing Procedure?

Reputable vendors test all their used Cisco products before they sell them. Ensure you identify a vendor that subjects used equipment to a thorough testing procedure.

You should also ask the following questions:

  • How long does the testing procedure take?
  • Do they do diagnostic testing?
  • Do they reset configurations?
  • Do they employ electrostatic discharge prevention methods?

Besides, you should find out if they clean the switches and test full functionality. If you’re not careful, you might buy Cisco switches that may not have every feature functioning?

Testing helps to ascertain that the product you get is not counterfeit and will function optimally in actual working conditions.

3. What Does the Vendor Know About Cisco?

Make sure you buy from a vendor who knows about Cisco Systems products inside and out. If a vendor isn’t familiar with Cisco products, they may not be able to handle, package, or identify malfunctioning items. They can sell you low-quality or fake products.

4. Will All the Accessories Be Included in the Package?

Most Cisco products require specific accessories to function. If the equipment you’re about to buy does not have its accessories, don’t feel obliged to buy it.

Buying it could drive up installation or operation costs of your business.

5. Does the Vendor Offer a Warranty?

If a vendor is confident that they’re providing high-quality used Cisco products, they’ll back their products with a decent warranty.

Always buy from a dealer who offers attractive warranties for used equipment. If it’s possible, choose a dealer that offers an extended warranty period.

With a decent warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing you can return the Cisco product if it develops a significant fault.

6. Do the Products Have a Reliability Rating?

If a dealer tests their Cisco products using the standard testing procedures, they should indicate the reliability rating of their products.

No used Cisco item should have a failure rate of more than 0.5%. Therefore, you need to ensure the product has a reliability rating of more than 99%.

If the vendor has not attached a reliability rating to their products, they cannot guarantee that the product will function as expected.

7. Do They Have Clear and Working Counterfeit Abatement Process?

Cisco is doing everything it can to protect its supply chain, but due to their reputation, their products are still being counterfeited.

Choose a trustworthy seller who does not buy Cisco products from suspicious platforms or in regions where counterfeit trading is high. The employees hired by the seller should also be highly trained to identify fake Cisco products.

If a vendor does not have a counterfeit abatement process, they could sell counterfeit or low-quality Cisco equipment unknowingly.

8. How Long Have the Dealer Been in the Business?

Experienced vendors know how to test, handle, refurbish, and package used Cisco products. They can also spot counterfeit or lookalike products.

Whether you’re looking for refurbished Cisco network switches or other products, make sure you choose a vendor who has been in the business for several years. Avoid newbies!

9. How Does the Vendor Ship Cisco Products?

Besides offering quality Cisco products, the vendor should also ship the products using safe and reliable means.

Ask to see how they package their items when shipping them or read online reviews from past clients.

If they don’t seem to meet the required packaging standards, this is a sign that they don’t care about their clients and may not offer the quality product you’re looking for.

10. Does the Dealer Have a Testing Center?

This is another important question you should never forget to ask when buying refurbished Cisco equipment.

Always buy from the reputable vendors with big testing centers.

If the dealer has a big testing center that is equipped with different testing tools, the chances are high that they test used Cisco products thoroughly. Therefore, the product you’ll buy from them is likely to work correctly.

11. Does the Vendor Have an Accredited Quality Management System?

Ask if the seller has a quality management system that has been reviewed and accredited by a government agency or a reputable quality assurance body.

If a reputable third-party source like ISO has endorsed the vendor, this is a clear indication that they’re likely to provide quality equipment.

12. Does the Used Cisco Equipment Have a Unique Barcode for Identification?

Don’t go for a vendor who’ll sell an item and then leave you on your own.

Look for a vendor that assigns unique barcodes to their items. That way, you’ll know for sure that they can identify the product if you return it for repair or replacement under warranty.

Final Thoughts on Buying Used Cisco Equipment

Buying used Cisco equipment can help you to cut expenses and make your company greener. However, the buying process is filled with pitfalls that could lead to frustrations.

To ensure you buy quality refurbished products, choose a reputable vendor. Also, ask the questions highlighted above and be ready to walk away if you don’t get clear answers.

You can contact us if you have any questions or would like to buy refurbished Cisco products.