5 Best Cisco Blogs

If you work with Cisco products every day, or are involved in the IT field, Cisco related blogs can be a great resource for increasing your technical knowledge of Cisco products or just staying current with what’s going on in the industry. Here are a few of our favorite Cisco related blogs.

IOSHints IOS hints – Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks is an independent personal blog of Ivan Pepelnjak, a Cisco CCIE based in Europe. IOS hints focuses on advanced, unusual or under-documented features of Cisco IOS, the software running on routers and switches produced by Cisco Systems.

TekcertTekcert is a site dedicated to Business, Technology, and Certifications. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things. The information presented on this site can span a wide variety of topics that include anything from lean six sigma to configuration scripts for applying Quality of Service to a Cisco Router. The focus of the site has intentionally been left broad so a lot of topics can be discussed. That said, the primary focus of this site is to share information about technology and help people achieve their greatest potential with their work, projects, and certification endeavors.

Cisco Subnet is a Network World blog property covering a wide range of Cisco topics from in-depth technical analysis to industry perspectives and commentary.

CCIE Candidate specializes in articles by CCIE candidates about their journey. Becoming a CCIE is an arduous task; blogging about what you learn along the way and the progress you’re making is of interest to other CCIE candidates.

BradReese.com often controversial, ever knowledgeable and fun, Brad Reese’ long running blog is a must read for anyone looking for an interesting viewpoint on Cisco, their products and company at large.