Cisco 1700 Series Wireless Access Points

Are you searching for a vendor to buy your Used or Excess Cisco Aironet 1700 Series Wireless Access Points?

Look no further! wants to purchase your used Cisco Aironet 1700 wireless access points today. If you have unwanted 1700 Series wireless access points as a result of a wireless network upgrade or other event, simply contact our buyer agents and request a quote on your excess Cisco Aironet 1700 inventory.

If your organization operates a small to midsized enterprise network, consider deploying the Cisco Aironet 1700 Series wireless Access Points and experience the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology at an attractive pricepoint. The Cisco Aironet 1700 Series wireless access point meets the growing demands of modern wireless networks by offering superior performance over 802.11n and providing enterprise RF management features for a superior wireless network experience. The Cisco 1700 Series offers support for 802.11ac Wave 1, with a theoretical connection rate of up to 867 Mbps. This additional throughput allows you to stay ahead of growing bandwidth demands as more wireless endpoints associate with your network. Stay ahead of the wireless curve as your users tap into bandwidth-heavy multimedia applications and mobile workers increasingly use multiple Wi-Fi devices. Buys and Sells Cisco 1700 Series Wireless Access Points Buys and Sells Cisco Aironet 1700 Series Wireless Networking Equipment. If you are an equipment seller or potential buyer interested in pricing, we can help! Contact us today for a quote.

Is your company interested in Buying Cisco Aironet 1700 wireless access points?

If you have a planned wireless upgrade or other project coming up, can offer you competitive discount pricing on New and Refurbished Cisco Aironet 1700 Wireless Access Points including the popular AIR-CAP1702I-A-K9 and AIR-CAP1702I-B-K9 models. If your company is considering an upgrade from your current Cisco Aironet wireless network, contact us today for a trade-in quote on your old equipment. We also provide competitive pricing on New, Used and Refurbished Aironet 1700 Series Wireless Access Points.

NetEquity Refurbished Cisco Aironet 1700 Series Wireless Access Points are professionally remanufactured to Grade A Cosmetic Condition, fully tested by Certified Engineers and reset to Factory Default settings. Our Refurbished Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points include Mounting Hardware and RJ45 patch cables, and are ready to install out of the box. In addition to offering extremely competitive pricing on Refurbished Cisco Aironet Products, we also offer a full 1-Year replacement warranty for End Users on all Refurbished Cisco products. We also maintain a very large standing inventory of the most popular Cisco Aironet Wireless models and accessories, ensuring that we have what you need IN STOCK, with no long lead times. can usually ship your order same-day, and can fulfill time-sensitive equipment orders or hard-to-find products on short lead times....ensuring you get the hardware you need to complete your projects and stay on track with your busy schedule. We support delivery via most major carriers including Fedex, UPS, USPS Priority Mail and DHL. We also provide logistical support, timely tracking, Blind Drop Shipping and product fulfillment. Tired of waiting out long delivery timelines with your current IT/Networking equipment hardware vendor? We can help!

Please note when purchasing or requesting quote pricing: Cisco Aironet 1700 Series "i" type wireless access points (Where you see an "i" in the manufacturer SKU/Part#) feature internal, integrated wireless antennas. Cisco Aironet 1700 "e" type wireless access points (Where you see an "e" in the manufacturer SKU/Part #) have external antenna connectors. Antennas are not included with "e" type wireless access points and must be ordered/purchased separately. Ask your representative for an antenna recommendation if purchasing Cisco Aironet 1700 "e" type acccess points.

Cisco Aironet 1700 Series Models We Buy and Sell Include:

  • AIR-CAP1702I-A-K9
  • AIR-CAP1702I-B-K9
  • AIR-CAP1702I-AK910
  • AIR-CAP1702I-BK910 CISCO WIRELESS Product Opportunity

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